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We offer water recycling systems for car wash business, industrial needs and mobil wash places with 100% water circulation.

Hydria BiO²X 750

The water reclamation system Hydria BiO²X 750 is the best choice for rollover car washing machines. This system saves up to 80-90% of fresh water depending of the washing programm. The system works biological (oxygen enrichment) and physical (filtration). After the recycling process the recycled water will be stored in the 750 liter storage tank.

Hydria BiO²X 1000

For higher water consumtions we can enlarge the Hydria BiO²X water recycling system with larger storage tanks, additional filter units and pumps with higher capacitys.

Older version with pumps 100 liters/min 6 bar, automatic fresh water use if no grey water available, dry washing protection, additional Filter, time switch for oxygen

Hydria 1100 MSE =
Hydria 1100 RS OX with additional mud separator

Our mud separator Hydria MSE cleans up the sedimentation in the pits continuosly

The mudwater can be sucked out of the pits by a pump. The mud drains and the grey water quality in the pits is better.

It is cheaper to get rid of the dryed mud instead of cleaning up the pits frequently by a spezialiced company.

For tunnels, truck and bus washing machines
Hydria 1100 RS OX with additional 1100 liter storage tank and a capacity of
2 x 100 lt/min 6bar

Wash places with 100% water circulation

Wash place for truck and car parts. This system does not have a city sewer. The Hydria water recycling system in the background gets the waste water out of two underground pits.

Wash box 14x4 meters with 100% water circulation, no city sewer. All the installation is overground.

Back side of the wash box with Hydria BiO²X water recycling unit and two additional storage tanks for collectet wash water.

The two additional 2000 liter tanks are for sedimentation, oil separation and oxygen enrichment. The Hydria BiO²X 750 water recycling unit cleans the water to use it with a high pressure cleaner.

For a rollover car washing machine, that needs more water, we can use two 4000 liter tanks instead of underground pits. In this installation the water recycling unit is a Hydria 1100 RS OX

The following system is for hand washing with high pressure cleaners and brushes. All the installation is overground without city sewer.

We also can offer individual wash cabins or standard washing containers with a water collecting tub or technic containers with the whole overground water recycling unit inside.

First of all a water reclaim system has to save money and the car wash quality has to be as good as using fresh water.  All systems require the use of pits to settle out the heaviest dirt before pumping it into the recycling system.

The biological process in the putrefying sediments and in the grey water develop a bad odour. Our solution is to enrich the water with oxygen (air, not ozone). The oxygen stops the putrefying of floating organic particles in the grey water and the filtration in the recycling system can eliminate the particles up to the filter depending size. The biological cleaning of the waste water starts with the enrichment of oxygen into the water. The microorganisems in the water are the same as in a purification plantand and they clean up the pollution. This process is covered by chemical measures and analyses of the recyceld water.

The biological process in the oxygen enriched water decompose pollutants and produce sediments.

In more than 90 % of all our physical-biological recycling units (we sold about 700 recycling units during the last 10 years) the upper described process works very well.

With the other 10 % we have to do some more:

High pressure together with warm/hot water used for car wash activitys and also the use of several "not harmonized" cleaning chemicals, produce emulsions in the grey water. The only help in this biological disturbance is the use of a chemical binding agent that fasten the emulsions for a further sedimentation or filtration. This chemical way of cleaning the water is the easyest, but more expensive. An extreme example for this is one of our recycling units that we produced for the german air forces to recycle helicopter wash-water. This "grey water" is nearly orange and there is no solution without chemicals.  

 Total reclaim / No city sewer:

This is possible, but you will need some extra time for funktion control and filtercleaning. Total reclaim means 100% of water volume control. In average each washed car takes around 5 gallons / 24 liters of water out of the system (evaporation, carry out). The fresh water rinse carrys around 5 gallons / 24 liters into the system. A littel difference in this balance will be a big problem after a while. Difference: One gallon/car = 100 gallon /day = 3000 gallon/month....... It is not the problem to put this amount of water into the system. The problem is to control and adjust the real amount of incoming fresh water. Also uncontrolled incoming rainwater does not comply with any total reclaim system.

Till now we do not recycle grey water into rinse-water quality, because it is of great expenses. It is easyer to reach a higher evaporation. We can offer our water recycling system with an individual solution to use without city sewer.

Our water recycling system saves between 80-90% of the fresh water, depending on the wash programm and the typ of car washing machine.

Depending on the water costs the amortisation is within one year

In case that there is no waste water available the recycling system automaticaly switch to the use of fresh water.

If there is waste water available the system automaticaly switch back.

In case of any kind of problems, fresh water can be used until the recycling system is fixed.

The filter system must be controlled once a week. Time expense: 5 minutes

All replacement parts are available at local traders and /or electricians

We can offer a frequent maintenance and spare part service

Since 1991 we are producing water recycling systems and we only use tested parts wich are conform to the local safety rules and laws.

Till today we produced more than 700 units of water recycling systems. We can send you some addresses where you can see our system working or you can call some of our clients.

Car trading companys

Gas stations: Aral, BP, Eller Montan, Esso, Markant, Shell, DEA, Total,

Oil companies

Car washing facilities

Car washing machine dealers for example in Poland

Bundeswehr (German helicopter forces)